Writing an Excellent Subject Line

Lessons for Writing an Excellent Subject Line

Creating unique and responsive subject lines is a matter of understanding what steps you should take to do it. Forget about just winging it and writing something that is just a guess. Even the most unusual line written by a pro put expert thought into that subject line. It’s really easy to have your email land in the trash can these days, and making yourself different from the others and doing what it takes is important. If you are serious about your business and list, then you will learn what ever you need to learn about writing an excellent subject line – start right now.

Initially, the subject line that you form needs to be practical and pertinent to the reader. If your prospect feels that this offer is not for him, what can you do?

So, it is important to keep this element in mind, from the get-go. When you are forming a subject line, ask yourself if it is related to the topic. If you think that it will not make sense to your target audience, than just adjust it. Do not move away from your main aim of providing useful info to your subscribers/prospects. Starting with the subject line, you should offer them something advantageous.

Many emails are obviously trying hard to sell something. A subject line that contains too much hype is not the best approach. Don’t be in such a hurry to make a sale that you try to accomplish this in your subject line. You just want to use the subject line to get people’s interest, not shout at them with a loud offer. If you can get prospects interested enough to read your emails, the subject line has accomplished its only purpose. In the email itself, you can either try to sell them a product or get them to take whatever action you want them to take.

Honesty is essential in subject lines if you care about your reputation. Some marketers try to trick their readers into opening their emails by using deceptive tactics. Make sure your subject lines are consistent with your actual message. You have to think beyond your immediate response rate and consider how your prospects perceive you. When people see that you’re misleading them, they won’t be very receptive to your future emails. Instead, be as clear and transparent as possible. This might not get a higher open rate, but it will definitely help you get bigger conversions. And in the end, your conversion rate is all that matters. If your subject lines aren’t bringing you the best results, this could be due to several factors. If your subject line doesn’t capture the attention of your recipient, it won’t perform well. You should be as clear as possible in the subject line, and also promise some benefit. People will just ignore your message if the subject line You can be successful at writing an excellent subject line if you keep these rules in mind. Email marketing can be very effective, but only if you know how to get people to actually read your offers.

Patty Bender

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