Who Is Larry Oxenham?

The success of online business enterprises is seldom associated with their founders or CEOs or their other top honchos. The current CEO and founder of LazyWealth.com is Larry Oxenham. Because of the success of his online company, LazyWealth, he is now as famous as his widely-successful sales programs even after 15 years of being in the business.

The length of a company’s corporate life in the market says a mouthful of how LazyWealth had been doing in its business. Stripped of the hype and other outlandish claims, Larry Oxenham’s commitment to his customers by way of follow-throughs and the like, was a well-known so-called secret.

Direct Mail Marketing
Larry Oxenham professes he is not an internet marketer by any standard. However, his expertise in direct mail marketing had become so well-known in the industry that he was said to have been approached by many internet marketers.

They wanted to know from him how he combined the power of direct mail with the strength of the Internet. From that time, the ability to follow-up your prospective clients with emails after using an almost fool-proof sales program had been well-known to work very effectively.

Personal Touch
Aside from the innovative business approach, Larry Oxenham had been known for his impressive commitment to his customers. Even at the earlier stage of his business, Mr. Oxenham had already realized the dual importance of customer service and long-term relationship with the customer.

Today’s so-called marketing gurus and other self-appointed experts had been glossing this fact over. They usually relegate this at the back of their so-called modern sales techniques.  Larry Oxenham knew better.

Patty Bender

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