What is Video Marketing? A Brief Primer on the Newest Marketing Sensation Online

As the term implies, video marketing is the use of videos to market or promote a product or service. It sounds simple and it is. But it’s not that simple. Like your article marketing, or your blog marketing, content will always play an important role. What you put inside the video will decide its success. And when you do, you will see that it will be worth it. And the first step is to understand clearly the answer to what is video marketing?

To expound further, as mentioned above on what is video marketing, this is a marketing method or strategy aimed to promote brand awareness and website traffic volume by using videos or video clips to entice, attract, push, or pull online users to a business, online or offline.

There are a variety of methods where video marketing is used. The most direct is placing video ads on popular or well visited sites as in You Tube promoted ads for example. These videos will likely have a link below it to direct traffic to the sponsor’s site.

Another means of video marketing which does not have a direct ad method is by posting videos in web hosting sites where people can see them. If you have gone to You Tube, and who hasn’t, then you may notice that there are lots of different videos that are aimed to promote a business. Some of them can be informative and educational, called the how to videos, while others may be amusing and entertaining which prompts the viewer to either invite others to see the video, or they can embed it to their own sites or social network accounts. This is probably the best way to get lots of video views. And even better is the fact that it’s free. Viral videos also have the tendency to be passed around and even catch the attention of national and international media, giving the video more mileage.

So what is video marketing? This can be further answered by understanding the importance of your video content and how it will play a vital role. A boring video will not get any views. An informative and compelling video can and will attract potential leads and have a higher turnover ratio but will not be as popular as viral videos. And like all other online marketing strategies, there are various ways, aside from the content, where your video marketing campaign can be optimized. For example, giving it a short keyword rich title and description that is searched often in the search engines.

Patty Bender

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