Understanding Passport.com

When accessing the website Passport.com, you would be automatically taken to Windows Live ID which is a service developed by Microsoft.  This website would automatically take you to different websites just by signing into one account.   Windows Live ID is often referred to as MSN because Passport used to be branded by the MSN brand.

Through the Passport.com or Windows Live ID website, you would be able to access Hotmail, MSNBC, Zune and other MSN subscriptions. Using the Windows Live ID log-in, members would be signing in to MSN Messenger, Hotmail, Music and other sites simultaneously. There are even features allowing Microsoft Window’s XP to be linked with their Windows Live ID.

Registration would just require email and password.  You can have your credentials saved for easy access and login. Aside from user IDs for emails, even credit and billing information could be saved on the Microsoft servers which makes it easy to make online purchases.  Windows Live ID has a more comprehensive online security compared with its predecessor Microsoft Passport.

Why is Passport.com taking you to the Windows Live ID website?  Prior to Windows Live ID, it was Microsoft Passport who was providing service. However, after receiving much criticism, Windows Live ID was created and designed.

It was 1999, when the Passport.com domain registration was neglected.  This eventually led to a downed site.  This was just the beginning of numerous problems that Microsoft Passport or Passport.com encountered.   There were experts who were claiming that there were serious security flaws in Microsoft Passport and Hotmail.

As a response to several issues with Microsoft Passport, Microsoft released Windows Live ID.  Developers started to integrate Windows Live ID in their platforms like ASP.NET, JAVA and Ruby.

Patty Bender

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