Understanding IPAS Chris Campbell and Chris Jones’ Brainchild

Chris Campbell’s name is not new when it comes to internet marketing. He was the brains in several websites like mycelebrityincome.com and 20k.com. The most recent is IPAS Chris Campbell and Chris Jones collaborated for this program.

In IPAS Chris Campbell and Chris Jones share methods that they have learned for being entrepreneur for both online and offline businesses.  However, both of the creators would like to emphasize that the methods that they introduce in the program does not result to overnight riches, but would rather entail time and effort.

IPAS, which stands for Internet Prospect Acceleration Systems, can benefit online marketers even if they are both beginners and expert in field.  With IPAS Chris Campbell and Chris Jones, focused on four important aspects: development, marketing funnel, sales system and the closing system.

Development intends to introduce the use of social media, like websites, webinars, and online videos to present business opportunities and products. Marketing funnel is all about directing traffic to your website using both traditional/non-traditional offline and online marketing.

The sales system is for ensuring the success through making actual sales. IPAS founders determined based on their studies, that consumers are usually need to be exposed to a message as many as seven times before they even make the purchase.  Another important aspect of IPAS,the closing system intends to help marketers overcome their weaknesses and benefit from their strengths.

After signing up with IPAS Chris Campbell, members would have access to numerous resources that would help them develop their skills as both offline and online entrepreneur. But just as any other internet marketing venture, success does not come easy. Although IPAS spells success for others, this may not be the right road for you.

Patty Bender

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