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Most writers dream of one day having their own bestseller. Nothing is better than seeing their work getting published and people wanting to read it. Unfortunately, not all writers are able to see this dream come true. But if you’re one of the lucky ones, you may get to see this happen to you soon, and it’s all because of the turn blog into book phenomenon.

Many publishers have turned to the World Wide Web for the next bestseller, and many of them have found great interest in blogs. A lot of blogs have already been turned into books and have gained a steady following soon after. Not that they didn’t have one before, because most publishers find interest in blogs that mostly have achieved a certain height of popularity in the online community. A great number of them are not even professional writers, but because they have made highly interesting blogs with great quality, these blogs have become “blooks” or blogs turned into books.

Most any blogger can become a candidate in a turn blog into book offer. With a highly diversified and wide numbering market today, any niche will be able to find a following. Some people still prefer relaxing with a good book rather than sitting in front of a computer reading entries, having to scroll down and clicking to a new page. So it is highly likely that even though the posts are readily available online, there are still a great number who would rather purchase the book and relax in their favorite chair or lying in their bed at night.

Most bloggers who have turned their blogs into books have been contacted first by a publisher who has found the potential in their blogs. The blogger is sent a message and they work out a deal. But what if you want to turn your blog into a book?

You have garnered a good number of visitors, many have commended your blog, and you feel that your blog is good enough to be a book, how can you then turn it into a book? Contact the publisher yourself. Maybe they just haven’t seen your blog yet. Look for the email address or website of as many publishers as you can. Send them a letter of proposal which will include your name, the name of your blog, the volume of readers you have, the niche or theme of your blog, the potential market and sales figures, and a promise to send a follow up with a more complete proposal if they are interested.

There’s no harm in trying. Remember, there are millions of bloggers out there and there’s a good chance that publishers and editors just haven’t stumbled upon your site yet. But why wait till they do? Reach out so you can take advantage of the turn blog into book craze.

Patty Bender

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