To be ahead of Where the Internet Traffic is Going

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How would you feel if you had a business strategy that works all the time for increasing traffic? Would you be interested if I tell you it was free? Yes? Then, this article is for you.

Why would you hire an agent everyday that would invite and create traffic for you? If you have a lot of money, would you do so?

Writing an article will do just that for you. The best part being that the article will be published on the Article Directories.

In the early 2000s, I came across one of the many quotes about success on the Internet. It goes like this: Don’t run after traffic. Understand where it is heading and be ahead of it.

When you make articles and publish them on the Directories, you are showing it to millions of people globally. Literally, that is like going to where the traffic is heading and be ahead of it.

International Evergreen Article Agents

Let’s analyze this phrase word by word:

International- By now you should know that www stands for World Wide Web. All your content goes global and generates traffic for you.

Evergreen  “ All you need to do is publish an article on the Article

Directories and it will work for you all the time. I wrote an article in August of 2005 and it still brings in an average of 1500 new visitors a month. That is what you call evergreen traffic.

Agent “ You should think all your content as an agent that is working for you all the time, works globally, never asks for a promotion, never gets sick, and easy to work with.

Here’s a question for you:

Now that you know the power of Article Marketing for Traffic Generation, still want to get started on creating your full time agents?

Various techniques of Social Network Marketing

Internet marketing is also known as social networking. There are many methods for Internet marketing. Due to its guaranteed success, many who joined are less apprehensive. The Internet draws many people to market their business online. Today, many people benefit financially thanks to the increase in social networking marketing.

Facebook, My Space and LinkIn are examples of network marketing tools. Recently, Twitter became common for people who are into social network marketing.

Here are various social networking marketing methods :

1. Blogging: Gradually, you will be more successful because websites and blogs are more influential tools for social network marketing as compared to other networking tools. A blog can be used to promote your business and also interact with your customers.

2. Personal website: Create your own website to show potential customers your work. Only then, will they be interested in hiring your services.

3. Article selling: Promote your services by creating articles and attract users globally. Normally, these articles are sold to various article database websites and article directories. Countless advertisers and publishers have benefited through article selling.

4. Email sending: Get a list of email addresses through portfolio websites and email them about your business. Your email has to be captivating so that your future clients will be interested in your service.

5. Use social networking websites: For example, Twitter and Facebook can aid in your sales.

6. Video promotion: You might want to create a video about marketing and upload it on sites like YouTube so that it can be viewed globally. Moreover, many people are more interested in viewing a video rather than an advertisement with words.

7. Press Release or media release: This attracts numerous potential customers.

8. Search Engine Optimization: By using RSS feeds and many SEO methods, the traffic to your website is increased

work from home opportunity

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