The Truth On The Jeremy Miner Scam

Jeremy Miner Scam

Jeremy Miner Scam

Jeremy Miner Scam, What Is The Story?

Who is Jeremy Miner and what is the Jeremy Miner scam? These are two of the biggest questions when prospective internet marketers look at Jeremy Miner’s program called My Million Dollar Edge.

Jeremy Miner created the e-book, along with the CD tutorial, called My Million Dollar Edge.  This e-book is one of the numerous online marketing systems that claim to increase your income to an astounding amount. Miner promised subscribers, through this program, that it is possible to earn thousands of dollars every month, and even every week.

But is this enough to call this program a Jeremy Miner scam? In this e-book, Miner shared the strategies that worked for him while he was in sales, were part of the tutorial CDs which were available for $49.95 along with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

There are few things being said about the program, My Million Dollar Edge. Should this prompt you to look closer at the Jeremy Miner scam? Maybe, but not necessarily. There are very few complaints against the program, and most of the existing reviews testify how the program was able to help starting internet marketers build their online careers. But other reviews stated after paying $49.95 the material that was provided was outdated and that $1900.00 would be required to get coached by Jeremy Miner. Some complained that they have not gotten their money back when they tried to exercise the money back guarantee.

Jeremy Miner Scam Summary

But what remains vague is how exactly a person can earn through Jeremy Miner’s system. It could be through the MLM system or through affiliate marketing. It is then important for those who are interested in Jeremy Miner’s program to fully exhaust their research and knowledge on the program, through different ways that they can.  Knowing more about the program would help you determine if the specific program would suit your skills, style and preference and whether it is considered a Jeremy Miner scam.


Patty Bender

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  1. Diane says:

    Interested in at home work

  2. Marlene says:

    trying to cancel the order with Jeremy Miner. Million Dollar Income. 47.00 was charged but I cannot get an email address to correspond. I have no receipt for this charge and don’t know what pay account it was charged to. Thanks, Marlene

  3. Norman says:

    thank you for the insight most of these self made millionaires are scammers

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