The Truth Behind is probably one of the home-based opportunities that you have heard on the radio. There are lead radio show hosts who have been promoting the website, like Mike Gallagher, Howard Stern and Dr. Laura. But aside from what you hear on the radio, what is

A lot of people are trying to look for more jobs that they could fulfill from the comfort of their home.  Stay-at home parents are looking for ways on how to earn additional income, while the children play or sleep. offers ways on how to meet those needs. is affiliated with the Online Business Systems (OBS), which is also connected with 16 other Web companies. Better Business Bureau gives the Online Business System an A+ rating, which is based on the number of complaints that they have received and the length of the company history.

There are others who are claiming to be a scam. But the truth is that, parent company OBS has been established since 2003.  OBS markets known products like Herbalife, which is a known distributor of health and nutritional supplements for almost 30 years.

Herbalife is a recognized multimillion dollar business with numerous people who are already selling their products.  The Herbalife market could be very saturated, however, there are some members of the, saying that they were able to get better commissions from selling through the website.

Its association with Herbalife, a known MLM business, makes part of the multi-level marketing system.  This may be the reason why information offered in the website is a little vague. Because of MLM critics, is trying to be cautious of the information they offer.

Patty Bender

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