The Metamorphosis Of MySixFigureLifeStyle.Com

Chuck Marshal’s income earned from his site must have become an inspiration to the new generation of Internet marketers. They gathered and dusted off the old Marshal formula and added some zing to it. Rob Stinson polished it into a tele-seminar, and attached an intriguing title, The Secret Formula Tele-seminar.

In his writings and in his site, Rob Stinson declared that his tele-seminar had evolved because it is his alternative to the 95% of people who were lied to, dissatisfied, confused and angry caused by the “biz opps” industry.

The 1st Transformation – The Secret Formula Teleseminar
In such a short time, Rob Stinson was able to generate enough sales personnel power to the tune of 150,000 distributors. The results had also netted him the amount of over $250 million pesos.

According to his site, Stinson had promised a 5-figure income within the first few months with no time wasted on presentations and the like. Stinson believes that being upfront about frustrations and potential scams, The Secret Formula Seminar may have the ability to attract those that have since rejected online business opportunities. He might be correct.

The 2nd Transformation – Secret Formula Webinar
From Chuck Marshal’s to Rob Stinson’s The Secret Formula Seminar, all the way now to Dan Palleschi’s The Secret Formula Webinar. From his site, Dan explains that his company and that of Rod Stinson (and further back, that of Chuck Marshal) are different from each other.

The first Teleseminar and the webinar served as the front end marketing system for an online direct sales business. More to the point, the businesses sell digital products designed to teach people how to market on the Internet.

Now, it has come full circle. Marshal’s original deserved something more than a pat on the back.

Patty Bender

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