The Master’s Touch Scam: Happening or Not?

The Master’s Touch or have been packaged with a Christian touch. It offers the chance to start a small business that can fetch a “six figure yearly income”. The training is, of course, offered by The Master’s Touch (TMT). With such a setup, the Master’s Touch scam may still exist.

On a pitchy page, you are told that (1) You are not buying into a franchise and there are no fees; (2) You will receive a “proven market plan”; (3) You will be in business in 30 days or less; (4) You need no experience, and that (5) financing options are available.

The Touch
The Master’s Touch program is asking you to be in the business of cleaning floors, marble and other hard surfaces, complete with all the tools you need, including a van, truck or trailer (depending on your plan). Real jobs like this will not produce the Master’s Touch scam in any shade.

There are four (4) packages. The first is the Fast Track package cost of $13,900 complete with machines, tools, training, and 2 years of web hosting. The next package is virtually the same as the first only that it comes with a 5 x 8 trailer and a total cost of 20,900.

The 3rd package is $55,000 and has a 12-foot trailer. The last package gets everything as the other packages, only that you will have a cargo van. The price is $49,000 plus the cost of the van.

The Question
Granting that you have the money to begin with, would you consider such an offer? Would you physically do the cleaning?

Can you handle the physical strain of doing cleaning work? Lastly, is this the activity you have in mind to do business? The Master’s Touch has some promising bits of good future business. It’s just not for everyone, though. And quite possibly, the Master’s Touch scam is not in the picture.

Patty Bender

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