The IPAS Scam? Answering the Question

IPAS scam

IPAS scam

IPAS is the latest program created by online expert entrepreneurs Chris Campbell and Chris Jones. Short for Internet Prospect Acceleration Systems, IPAS was launched in November 2010. IPAS intends to help those who are interested in increasing their income.  But with numerous scams online, people cannot stop wondering about the IPAS scam.

Does IPAS scam its members?  Founders Chris Campbell and Chris Jones launched IPAS as a program that would both benefit neophytes and experts in online marketing. For a two-week trial worth $8.95 including shipping and handling, those who are interested in continuing the program would just have to pay an additional $49.95.

Many people questioned the legitimacy of the program and wonder about the IPAS scam, especially that Campbell’s previous endeavors like Passport to Wealth, Roadmap to Riches, EDC Gold and others have been raising several red flags. However, previous clients’ experiences with these do not necessarily mean that IPAS scam is indeed happening.

With IPAS, what the subscribers purchase is not only the tools for a successful business but rather a share of the business. By purchasing the program, the subscriber becomes part of the IPAS marketing system and would have their own website, marketing team, and even have their own sales staff.

Most people may be wondering how exactly this works especially when the website does not divulge such information. Both the founders of IPAS recommend that interested parties talk with their agents or team members, however, it is still important for interested parties to be cautious of the information that they provide. Whether an IPAS scam or not, internet marketers should always consider every aspect especially if they would be investing their hard-earned money.

Patty Bender

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2 Responses to “The IPAS Scam? Answering the Question”

  1. Robert_McC says:

    SCAM! Steer clear of this company. I lost $10,000 to this company and they won’t even return my calls. I have contacted the FBI, FTC, Arizona AG, and am looking to sue Chris Campbell and Chris Jones over this. Lies, lies, and more lies!

  2. dd says:

    How can a person buy something on the internet and believe that it is actually true?… I mean come on spending even 1 penny on something that you know nothing about is extremely serious even if you only pay 1 cent because that is your money that you need to use to make more money. These people are making money off of you and they are already rich they do not care about you at all they dont care if your family has nothing to eat all they care about is adding more money to their own bank account.

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