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Survey Savvy Marketing is the well-known online paid survey company owned by Luth Research LLC. They are an international market research firm and have been in operations for the last 30 years.

At SurveySavvy, one is free to join and participants are paid for every completed survey. As of this time, the site has over 1.5 million registered members all over the world. As a participant, expect to be asked a series of demographic questions (your race, do you own a home, occupation, how many people in your house, etc.)

After you have completed your questionnaire and have submitted it to the site, you will receive confirmation of acceptance immediately. The first set of questionnaires is actually to gauge if you are eligible in their certain surveys.

You are sent surveys on a periodic basis, though not that frequent. Some of these surveys are extensive, sometimes related to employment, some entertainment questions and some asking for your opinions.

The cash incentive usually begins at around $3 ($25 is the highest) depending on the length of time you will spend in answering their questions.

Child Respondents
Sometimes your children are the participants of survey questions related to their age group. The payment, however, is in the name of the registrant.

Survey Savvy Marketing is very careful on their verification process they sometimes do a double check by telephone.

More Revenues
To make more money, one can refer other people to the site. They usually pay $2 for every friend that is finally signed up and become part of the big respondents. Survey Savvy Marketing pays you another $1 once the survey has been completed.

Patty Bender

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