Starscapes Scam – Heaven On Your Ceiling

Starscapes Scam

Starscapes Scam

Starscapes Scam, Is It True?

Starscapes, the original home business opportunity concept founded by Joe Petrashek, took off right away after they made it public. People with very little knowledge of drawing became instant muralists on their own ceilings with Starscapes. Is it possible a Starscapes scam can happen in this arrangement?

The original concept, seen on, is placing the portal on the ceiling. When the room grows dark, the ceiling appears to transform into a night sky. The secret is actually glow-in-dark ink used to paint the tiny stars which are invisible if it is daytime or there is light in the room.

Starscapes Portal

The product is actually a “portal” that can be placed in a home, hotel, office or any other space that is invisible by day, but magically transforms into a starry sky by night. The Starscapes product is described as a “portal” that can be located anywhere in a home, hotel, office or other space; is invisible during the day; and transforms to a starry sky at night. So what do you think, is there a Starscapes scam?


Starscapes are sold by way of individual Star Biz representatives. The introductory package is worth $69, but it’s free if you sign up for the Starscapes newsletter. At this price, Starscapes scam scenarios are out.

The package includes a report detailing the business, designs, tips on how to start, and how to install Starscapes. There is also a presentation CD, brochure samples, business card samples and hotel signage sample.

Investing into the Starscapes Star Biz program costs $3497 and is refundable if you are not satisfied. Investing in Starscapes program would appear that you are the promoter and installer of your business in the eyes of your customers.

Starscapes scam Summary

Would this setup produce a kind of a Starscapes scam? Would such a small monetary consideration ever trigger some bad vibrations in people?

Patty Bender

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