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Starscapes International is actually a home based business of creating original, custom-made starry night murals on the client’s ceiling by licensed artists-illusionists worldwide. Depending on the size of the room, these murals are done in one or two hours. So what are the Starscapes reviews? is a home-based business opportunity that combines making money as well as giving happiness. Making money, while the primary consideration in a business, is being made more meaningful because of the priceless satisfaction you give to your customers.

According to some Starscapes reviews, the business of creating heavenly landscapes on ceilings already carries with it the “wow” factor, in the sense of the customer’s initial reactions. Another hidden beauty in the project is the fact that the business offers its own flexibility regarding the price and the pace of the job.

The illusionists can recreate the night sky on any ceiling to get that relaxing and soothing atmosphere when the lights are off. When the lights are turned back on, the night sky magically disappears for the time being. Starscapes are now popular in bedrooms, movie rooms, spas, and in many other non-traditional places.

The Business
For a small upfront investment, you can make anybody’s bedroom a heavenly landscape. What’s more, you can start part-time and still make up to $1,500 per day right on the first day of business.

Another caveat for Starscapes reviews is this: For the would-be franchiser, you simply put on a happy face, climb a step ladder, comb your hair and work on it. The job is so simple there’s absolutely no drawing involved. The program has all the tools and equipments for the job.

You will also be acquainted with techniques, methods and secret tricks to produce that stunning night sky effect on your customer’s ceiling all brought by the magic of Starscapes.

Patty Bender

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