SMCorp Reviews – Traditional Enterprise Still Wins Big

A dream that was conceived over 60 years is still relevant today in an age of online business, blogs, Facebook and Twitter.  Founder Abe Levine had thought of the novel idea some six decades ago of having a warehouse of vast quantities of giftware and general merchandise. The novelty is he would put people into business for themselves selling that product. It is a wonder that still amazes people today, but as Abe would say, “people would work harder when they’re working for themselves.” This was mentioned in SMCorp Reviews.

Mission Statement
After more than half a century, Abe’s idea still works. Like what he said, at Specialty Merchandise Corporation, they are committed to the success of each of their members. As their mission statement says: “Our Mission is to help people achieve their dreams and goals. We handle those dreams with care and treat them as our own. Our success depends on it.”

What It Offers
As a member, your first advantage is the 60-plus years of sales experience of the people of SMC. All of the program work, no trial and error. There is also the built-in free business coaching and this business coach does a one-on-one work on the new member. Having SMC as the sole supplier guarantees access to the large variety of products, so there is not need to pay shipping charges. The SMCorp Reviews are generally good.

Simple Buy and Sell
At SMC, business is simple – you buy at super low member prices and sell them at whatever price you want. Franchises will keep you paying franchise fees, advertising, training, share of profits, etc.

Needing more information? Visit the SMC member website ( for new arrivals, special promotions, services, etc. You will also find SMCorp Reviews on other sites.

Patty Bender

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