See Back of Box for Contest Rules

Now about this headline…

Do you ever remember as a kid having your cereal bowl filled with your favorite cereal and as you or your parent is filling your bowl you see a picture of a really cool toy or trinket on the front of the cereal box??

Well, I remember those days…and I remember my Mom saying, “it’s a contest, you have to win it, and the contest rules are on the back of the box”.

And so, while we were enjoying our cereal together, she would read aloud the contest rules so we would know how to “win” that toy.

As a grown up…

I believe every child that followed the contest rules got a toy.  I believe they really just wanted our information, learn about the demographics of their audience so they can fine tune their marketing, test and track what works.

Just like we do online in our own home based business…hopefully you are doing this in your online home based business too.  If this is an area you would like some assistance in, let’s get started:

1.  In order to know how to market, you need to know who you are marketing to.  Who do you want to attract to your website capture page, capture as a lead and ultimately sell them on your product, service or business opportunity.  Start by writing out what your customer looks like, what they do in their spare time, how they dress, eat, etc.  Develop a clear picture of who they are and then you can begin developing your marketing around how to attract them.

2. Start producing content for your capture page and your thank you page for your website.  The capture page is where your lead lands as a result of your marketing efforts.  The thank you page is the next page your lead is re-directed to after they enter their information on your capture page.  The reason a lead would give you their information is because you presented an irresistible offer (hint, hint).

3. Test and track – testing and tracking is absolutely necessary to determine what works and what doesn’t.  This step is crucial because it could save you buckets of money from what isn’t working.  You can not run a successful and profitable business without this step.  The best way to test what works is to split test two capture pages and two thank you pages to see which converts better.  I suggest you start with capture pages first and when you find the better converting capture page then move on to split testing two thank you pages.  Split testing is also recommended with ads in paid marketing strategies.

The bottom line is if what you are doing is not converting into leads for you…you’ve got to try something new, test and track.  You keep repeating this until your lead conversion is where you want it to be.

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Patty Bender

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