Reviewopedia Scam – Your Safety Is Your Own Business had been in the business giving out review and opinions on the many advertised internet businesses and other opportunities. Usually, the writer-reviewer simply wants to provide some information on the business reviewed. Would a reviewer allow a Reviewopedia scam?

The main goals of these reviews is to help the newbies to thresh out the many details and other data regarding programs, tools, software and opportunities on the Net.

Within the site, articles and reviews are grouped according to their categories. This is to help the jobseekers see if these sites are legitimate or not. The first, top business opportunities, has the author’s picks and choices. The work at home resources are self-explanatory. There are 3 subcategories here: fee based search sites, free search sites and freelance writing sites, all self explanatory themselves.

Free of Charge
Contrary to most thinking, does not charge anybody to browse and read everything in the site. The writers do not disclose either if they are paid compensation from his recommended companies.

What the writer does disclose is that he “does not make guarantees, explicit or implied, about the companies or websites that he does or does not recommend.” In short, this would protect the writer from any future litigation arising from his reviews. Thus, people seem to think that a Reviewopedia scam is happening.

Protect Yourself
On the other hand, always reminds readers, surfers, and visitors of their site to do their own protection. They are enjoined to do their own background checks and other investigations to prove the legitimacy of these sites and other internet businesses

Is there a Reviewopedia scam now? The readers and the site’s visitors can do their own investigating and deciding as to whether the site is on a scam or not.

Patty Bender

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