– An Open Service has one concrete intention – to detect both the legitimate and the counterfeit job opportunities online, which are primarily there to help the jobseekers. This site writes reviews and offers them to the public.

The site wants to provide the information-sharing atmosphere that works best for jobseekers. Our other readers as well would greatly benefit if these reviews and fact-based opinions on business opportunities, tools, programs and software are shared by many.

For clearness of thought, divided its various categories into four classifications – top business opportunities, work at home resources, free paid online survey, and get paid to websites.

Business Opportunities Work At Home:
Usually, this is the author’s choice. It is supposedly the site where the author had joined them and verified their authenticity to generate income. In resources regarding home jobs, the writer cautions, that it is still best to check and do a personal follow-up on the sites mentioned.

In Get Paid To websites, advertisers pay the companies to acquire as many people as possible to look at, sample or comment on their products.

The review gives out information to help jobseekers look for a good legitimate work at home job. However, people are cautioned to be still on alert, because the reviewers are not experts sometimes.

To guard against this, the disclosure includes a line that says the writer “does not make guarantees, explicit or implied, about the companies or websites that he does or does not recommend.”

This means that the writer at will not be liable for any claims in the event the work at home business opportunity did not work out for the reader.

Patty Bender

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