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These days of jittery business prospects, peer to peer lending is gaining ground even among traditional banking people. Today, leads the market in peer-to-peer lending, the popular alternative to old investing practices, according to reviews.

Without the unpopular middleman (who usually gets the bigger slice of the pie), peer to peer lending connects the lender and the borrower directly – and everyone prospers.

The System:
In a nutshell presented by reviews, borrowers first choose a loan amount, states his purpose and post this in a loan listing. Investors would then review these loan listings and would choose to invest in those listings that meet their criteria.

After this process is done, borrowers would make fixed monthly payments and the investors would receive their portion of these payments directly into their account.

Prosper loans are not small business loans. These are loans based on your credit score, and issued to you as an individual, not as a business.

Small personal loans may not be sufficient for traditional business owners. However, it is just right for other entrepreneurs. For those with no business track record, these Prosper loans give lower rates.

For both borrowers and investors, your privacy is important states reviews. The borrowers may be encouraged to tell potential investors their reasons for the loan, but their actual identities are never revealed. As for the investors, the ID Theft Guarantee protects them from fraudulent borrowers.

Better Prospects:
At Prosper, investors get better returns. Set your investment criteria, invest manually or through automated plans and enjoy great returns. Borrowers get better rates for their loans. Give your basic information, post your loan listing, watch investors fund your loan, and get your money. If you want to know more, check out reviews.

Patty Bender

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