Reviewing the ProjectPayday System: Is It Really Viable for the Average Joe?

ProjectPayday has made the bold claim that they offer the opportunity to generate realistic extra income for the average Joe. Many of those that have tried and failed to make some money online know how difficult it is to earn some extra cash through the internet especially if you don’t know how to do some online marketing. But upon reviewing the ProjectPayday system, it seems that they might have hit the nail on the head and have devised one of the simplest ways for everyone and anyone to make some added income.

How Does ProjectPayday Work?

Basically, ProjectPayday has developed a revolutionary system which allows people to make extra cash off one of the most common advertising and promotion methods many businesses use today which offers incentives to consumers. As a member of the ProjectPayday you will be given the opportunity to learn, be trained, and be exposed to these offers and make money with it. This is referred to by many as Incentivized Freebie Trading and it is a legitimate online business opportunity featured in various respected and reputable websites.

Still not clear? Here is an example; Say an online business wanted to promote their website and decided to start an Incentivized Freebie program to do this. Their program offers a cash incentive for every person that gets 20 people to sign up with them. To avail yourself of the cash incentive, you get 20 people to sign up with the program. Let’s say the cash incentive was $1000, and each membership sign up costs $10, you could pay 20 people $20 each to sign up and make a cool $600 for yourself.

Getting Started with ProjectPayday

Signing up with ProjectPayday requires a one-time fee of $34.95 for their lifetime membership. If you’re lucky enough to avail of the sponsored promos that ProjectPayday features from time to time, which requires a person to sign up for a no-obligation trial program, you can get a free membership. With this membership, you will get their 65 page training guide, access to training videos, and a number of other support programs.

The amount of income that a person can make with ProjectPayday will depend on a number of things, including, the type of offers that are currently available and the offers a person actually participates in. So this basically means, it’s all up to you, the more offers you join or sign up for, the more money you might be able to make.


Not much has been shared about the core group which founded and owns ProjectPayday, and if you don’t become a member, you’re not likely to know much further. It might be that ProjectPayday values their privacy very much as they want to prevent people from abusing their system by divulging too much or maybe some other reasons. If you go to their website, there is only one name that you will see which represents the core leaders of the group, and that is Monika St. John.

ProjectPayday Verdict

Overall, ProjectPayday might live up to its claim as the online opportunity for the average Joe as it offers much flexibility in virtually all aspects of the system. Provided that a person is adept at following instructions and apply the methods taught in a smart way, he could possibly make some money with ProjectPayday.

Patty Bender

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