Is There Really a ProjectPayday Scam?

Looking Closer at the ProjectPayday Scam Income Opportunity Model

It seems that most business opportunities found in the internet have been tagged as a scam for one reason or another. The fact is, while there are undeniably some online opportunities that are truly scams there are also others that have been unrightfully tagged as one because some people have failed to fully understand the opportunity and have thus failed miserably to maximize its full potential. One such unjustly judged opportunity is what others dub the ProjectPayday scam.

To be perfectly clear, ProjectPayday scam appears to not be a scam, it appears to be a legitimate online business opportunity that offers a realistic income for anyone who wishes to join the program. Essentially, ProjectPayday is one of the many legitimate incentivized freebie websites or IFWs operating today that works with reputable big brand companies to promote and advertise their products. As with most incentivized freebie websites, the premise is that you will get paid to try out a new product that a company is trying to promote through the program.

Companies offer cash or product incentives for people to experience the product or service they are offering for a certain period of time. And depending on the promotion being offered, you may be required to refer a certain number of people to take part in the program to become fully elegible to receive the reward or incentive. Some people are quick to paint the program as a scam because credit cards are usually required for participants.

As most of these promotions include heavily reduced prices or fees for otherwise costly services or products, the credit card is required to pay the minimal fees required to avail of the promo. Some people fail to understand that the promotion covers a certain period of time and if a participant fails to inform the company that he or she wishes to discontinue the service before the period expires then the company will take this as a sign that the participant is willing to continue their enrollment.

How Can a Person Join ProjectPayday Scam and How Much Will it Cost?

Unlike other incentivized freebie websites, ProjectPayday doesn’t require startup costs and costly membership fees to become part of the program. All you have to do is go to their website and signup to start your own free account. Once you have your own account, you will have access to their database where you can browse through various posts of advertisements and promotions of incentivized freebie websites which you can join.

Making money out of ProjectPayday will depend on the type of program that you enroll in. You may join referral programs where you will receive cash for reaching a certain number of signups, or you can be elegible for unbelievable discounts on premium items. You may even get paid to do surveys and refer others to do so too.

ProjectPayday Scam Founder

On the ProjectPayday website, one name that you will see is Monika St. John, co-founder of the program. She heads a group of experts that offers help and guidance for their members and the support they will need for understanding the system and profiting from it.


ProjectPayday appears to offer a very legitimate program that has a genuinely working system. There is no coercion or pressure to members and all the opportunities are coming from legitimate companies. There is truly no ProjectPayday scam and just like many oppourtunities the potential to earn is limited only by a person’s willingness to involve himself.

Patty Bender

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