ProjectPayday Review

Are There Myths Surrounding the Company?

For those who have spent some considerable amount of time browsing the internet, especially those of which have been reading and researching about online money making opportunities, then ProjectPayday should be nothing new to you. Perhaps you’ve come across it or have read something about it in passing, or maybe someone has already tried to offer it to you. Here is a ProjectPayday review which can offer a good picture of what this online income opportunity is all about.

ProjectPayday Review the System

Basically, the ProjectPayday system is built around the highly popular referral program model used on the internet to promote online businesses. ProjectPayday offers a no out of pocket system contained in a sixty five page booklet which provides an in depth training for showing the ways and methods involved in how to make money with incentivized freebie websites or IFWs.

When you sign up with the ProjectPayday program, you will be given access to a list of web sites and forums where you will be able to find the promotions and programs set up by these IFWs.

How does it work? Well, you may have already seen incentivized freebie websites yourself, like the sites that offer free products and merchandises, and some even cash. By completing the requirements of a program, you can make yourself elegible for the incentive being offered and earn the payout.

For example, if a company is offering money for people that sign up with their site and get 20 others to sign up as well, then that person who is able to comply with the requirements will receive the money offered as an incentive. It’s that simple.

Cost of Signing up with ProjectPayday

As mentioned above, at the lowest level, there are no costs, ProjectPayday is totally free. All you have to do is sign up with them and you get the chance to avail of their program and make money by answering surveys and getting paid to sign up for IFW programs with their reps. But for those who want to make a better income potential with ProjectPayday, they can opt to become a representative of the company. Commonly, a lifetime membership would cost around $34.95, but recently, ProjectPayday has featured sponsored no-obligation offers where you can sign up for trial offers without any obligation to purchase and receive a free ProjectPayday membership. A word of caution some of the incentivized freebie websites will auto charge your credit card if you don’t cancell before the free trial period is over.

ProjectPayday Leadership

Perhaps the most visible name attached to the top ProjectPayday honcho is Monika St. John, one of the co-founders of the ProjectPayday program. Along with St. John is a group of seasoned experts with incentivized freebie websites which might help new ProjectPayday review members make money off the program.

ProjectPayday Review Conclusion

Considering the opportunities to earn an income without having to spend any initial capital, this could be a legitimate online income opportunity that won’t put a possible investor at high risks. The booklet offers so much insights and aid in maximizing the potential for making money off incentivized freebie websites and the presence of a solid training and support system could makes it an opportunity for every average Joe.

Patty Bender

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