Taking You To Smart Financial Planning is a website that would take you to one of the EISI services and products.  EISI or Emerging Information Systems, Inc. is a popular choice among financial professionals and has been a partner for several financial institutions. opens to a product and platform which is considered to be one of leading software in the industry.  EISI offers comprehensive financial planning programs and other multiple technology platforms. EISI is noted not only for creating the and the software, but the company also developed the NaviPlan.

The program provides a way for financial groups to assess and make a comprehensive financial plan, and for clients who have more than 500K AUM.  NaviPlan can help a person and an organization make a detailed financial plan, like cash flow and even, estate planning. Forecaster is another friendly financial planning software developed by EISI.

With the financial planning software from EISI, clients could start with simple financial planning.  But with just adding a few more modules, the financial plan addressing more complex client needs can be created.

The financial planning software or program which is offered by EISI would often cost more than a thousand dollars for a year. But clients could get discounts if two year contracts or licenses are purchased. Programs could be desktop based or internet based.

The capability of EISI to address their client needs makes the company one of the most sought after needs assessment and financial tool in the United States. EISI’s reputation and more than 20 years of experience in financial planning, is also among the reasons why financial professionals prefer EISI.

About 250,000 financial professionals have partnered with EISI for building their financial plans. And there’s no reason not to be part of that continuously increasing number with

Patty Bender

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