Pinoy Entrepreneur – Elevating the Philippine Business Industry to World Class Standards

In a world business landscape where third world countries lag behind by a decade or so, the Pinoy entrepreneur has made an amazing job of covering this gap thanks to their proficiency in the English language and their propensity to using technology. But more noteworthy is the Pinoy entrepreneur’s distinctive creativity, able to capitalize on resources readily available to him, their natural resources, which includes their labor force.

The Pinoy, a colloquial term for Filipino and as they would often refer to themselves with pride, benefits from a history that has been filled with a cultural mishmash as a result of the occupation of several countries, Spain, America, and Japan, from different continents. As a consequence of these years of occupation, the Pinoy entrepreneur has developed great resilience, able to adapt to any situation he is faced with. A trait an entrepreneur in general needs to possess.

Another entrepreneurial trait that the Pinoy businessman possesses is his perseverance, which at times can border to chronic stubbornness. It can be a double edge sword which can either work on his behalf or cause his downfall. But with the proper mentoring, the Filipino businessman has the right skills that can be molded easily if he puts his mind to it.

And one of the best ways for the Pinoy entrepreneur to put his mind onto something is by being properly motivated. Like most people on this planet, a good success story from his peers will give him the motivation that he needs. If the success story is coupled with rags-to-riches then it just adds more to their incentives. The reason behind this is because many Pinoys have witnessed the effects of poverty around them, or to themselves even.

But despite the many merits that they have, the main obstacle still remains, lack of financial capabilities. Sources of funding are scarce, lending institutions are not an option for those that don’t have anything to mortgage and grants are even fewer, if that’s even possible.

For those who were lucky enough to get the funding they need, they have a bright future ahead of them as they have one of the world’s best workforces behind him. For instance, when the world became wired together through the internet, and more companies looked to outsource some of their divisions, many a Pinoy entrepreneur jumped at the opportunity and were able to design a BPO system which could compete with any the world has to offer. And today, these entrepreneurs enjoy the confidence of numerous clients from different companies around the world.

Patty Bender

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