Photography Blog Templates – Keeping Focus on the Big Picture

It’s been said time and again, a picture is worth a thousand words, and in blogs, where words are the common content, and content is king, then picture content would be, well, you do the math. Photography blogs have created quite a stir in recent years as more people now let their pictures do the talking. It’s also a great medium for professional photographers to showcase their works, which many clients expect them to have, as this is an easy way to share their works of art. And to keep the focus on their photos and their skills, their site should make use of elegant and classy photography blog templates.

Although photography blogs don’t rely on pictures and images alone to have good content, there should be enough balance that the photos get as much attention needed, but also it should divert some attention as well to the text. The amount of attention to be divided between the two primary contents depends on the orientation of your blog. And

For client oriented photography blogs, there is a slight median balance between the photos and the text, with the photos taking little priority over the text. You will showcase your portfolio and add some description on the details of the project. You should credit the subjects in your portfolio and add distinct details for it. You should also provide details about you and your work like your experience, qualifications, your contact information and your personality in general.

In a photo blog that has a photographer community orientation, the edge of the photo goes higher. As you try to showcase your works to other photographers, you are interested more in a template that will focus more on your shots. Your texts would generally feature the details about the photograph like the aperture settings, the environment conditions; techniques used, post photography efforts, and so on. You want photography blog templates that can allow you to organize your shots easily and center the focus on them.

For business oriented photography blogs, where you don’t focus on the client but on the blog itself as the business, the text will then take center stage. You won’t put up as much pictures as your content will be more on the text side. You will be giving out pointers, tutorials, and other useful information that many visitors would go back to, and likely bookmark to refer to later on. You can also add some videos, and also a download area where you can sell eBooks on your tutorials.

So when you’re choosing photography blog templates you should always keep in mind the purpose you have for your blog.

Patty Bender

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