Paul Myers Scam: Knowing The Man

Paul Myers is a recognized name when talking about internet marketing.  His products have been a reflection of his style and approach in handling business. Talkbiz was one of his major contributions in online marketing. Despite his success in online marketing, there are still some who question a Paul Myers scam.

Paul Myers understands the importance of different marketing strategies, and how both online and traditional businesses benefit from them. This is one of the cores of his internet marketing strategies. Basically what he sells is valuable information and knowledge related to internet marketing.

Does Paul Myers scam people?  There would be a lot of people who would say no. The major difference with other internet marketers who claim to be the best in their field and Paul Myers, is that Myers chose to make everything simple and straightforward.  Other internet marketers try to create hype and sensationalize their facts, but when stripped out of the flashy words, what they have are actually general knowledge which can be learned by anybody.

This is what can be seen in Myer’s 112 page e-book which is for free, entitled “Need to Know.”  This e-book offers information that can help internet marketers, information which other online experts would often sell.

Given Myers’ sincerity, why is it then that there are still people claiming Paul Myers scam people? It is natural for internet marketers to be placed into a boiling pot once in a while. Myers has built a solid following and customers have always provided good feedback.  However, with tough competition at hand, Myers is up against numerous internet marketers.

But one thing is for sure, your career in internet marketing would benefit a lot from listening to Paul Myers advice.

Patty Bender

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