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If I have shown you enough value and you are ready to launch your Global Resorts Network Business, welcome aboard. If I have not shown you enough value, please give me a call so I can answer your questions. My direct line is 704-506-1611.

Or you can visit my website HERE.

2 Steps To get started:

1. Click Here to fill out your affiliate application.

2. Purchase your Lifetime Platinum membership. $3,095.

($2,995 Travel membership + $100 Affiliate Fee = $3,095) There is a $100 a year affiliate fee if you wish to remain an affiliate. There are no annual fees for the travel membership. One time only payment for travel membership.

Payment may be made by credit card, MC and VISA, Cashiers or Bank Check sent by FedEx, or Bank Wire / Direct Deposit all take approximately 3-4 business days to process or Online echeck which takes 7-8 business days to process. If you have a need to apply the payment on more than one credit card please call me 704-506-1611 and we can accommodate your needs.

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