NSAOnline.com – Continuing The Tradition Of Service

From its humble beginnings as a direct sales company selling home fire-protection equipment back in 1970, NSAOnline.com rose to become one of the world’s most successful companies. It is not only making an impact in the direct-selling industry but also as a leader in the health and wellness business.

Already established as a profitable multi-million dollar company, NSAOnline.com today now operates in more than 20 countries. The company continues to spread founder Jay Martin’s lifelong vision of improving people’s lives, with Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise, a potent tool to build a person’s financial well-being.

Juice Plus
Launched in 1993, the nutritional supplement Juice Plus became the company’s flagship product. With it, Jay Martin further refined the business model of NSAOnline.com.

Altogether, it combined the best elements of traditional franchise marketing, direct sales, network marketing, and consumer goods marketing. It became the famous Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise system.

Short History
Back in 1970, former school teacher Jay Martin founded what was then NSA (National Safety Associates), selling home fire-protection equipment through door-to-door selling. The company flourished and in the 80s began marketing water and air filtration devices.

It helped boost public awareness on the growing importance of clean water and clean air. It was also the time when the company developed and refined an innovative compensation plan for its sales people adapted from network marketing.

Health and Wellness
Today, the company is now worth more than $7 billion dollars and growing. Its leading edge is its continuing work in improving Juice Plus+ and the whole family of Juice Plus+ whole food nutritional products.

On the business side, NSAOnline.com is also at the forefront in taking the full advantage of the Internet, the online social networks and the exciting new changes in the world.

Patty Bender

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