Reviews – Is It Into Scamming? is a relatively new website that helps people find legitimate work from home. Their mode of operation is an email based membership. There is no restriction and everyone is free to join. reviews reports that they offer to put in additional resources in helping you find a job online.

How It Works
After signing up for the newsletter, you will receive a series of emails that feature a variety of work at home jobs. They are also accompanied by some educational resources on how to find the best possible jobs.

These various leads they supply you seem like solid work opportunities. They are, until somebody snaps them up before you have an opportunity to read what was written.

The leads they provide are not guaranteed in terms of availability. Because these leads come from very high profile sources, expect a lot of competition in trying to land these jobs on your lap.

Unwarranted Complaints
Lately, reviews is bombarded with needless questions and complaints. These were brought about by the presence of so many advertisements in the emails and newsletters they send to the members.

Since the site is an affiliate, each ad that is clicked or a product that is bought means a certain amount of commission for the site. Therein lies the crux of the matter – the site is free for the members, but the site has to earn its keep, otherwise it will fold up. These ads are good sources of revenues, although they are a nuisance, generally speaking.

Is this website into scamming? Not so, says the reviews. Not by a long shot.

Patty Bender

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  1. Jim Peeler says:

    How much kickback do you receive from

  2. Patty Bender says:

    $0, I am not an affiliate of .

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