Scam Or Overdriven Advertising?

Like most legitimate Internet sites doing service, has all the right intentions when they send out the emails denoting job availabilities for its members who qualify. In the first place, this email based membership site is operated for free. Is a scam?

These emails feature a list of work-at-home jobs and some resources on how to look for the best jobs out there. These job leads come from a variety of places, including Craigslist, other popular search engines and some private contractors. They can range from writing jobs to some telecommuting work.

There are many complaints about the list of job availabilities in the sense that some of them are not guaranteed. Some of these leads come from high profile sources and that means unbridled competition once the list comes out.

The fierce competition almost always happens when they sound like solid work opportunities and they seem to be very desirable jobs – not very taxing, but the pay is superb. Or in some cases, not so superb pay, but upward mobility is almost guaranteed because of the nature of the job, the place or the people working there.

Too Much Advertising:
The many complaints directed at come from the fact that they compile their emails and newsletters with so much work at home advertisements. Someone counted the number as 3 job listings for every ad on work at home scam.

The problem is further complicated in that these are affiliates. If someone signs up or buys these products, the site earns something. Of course, sponsored ads do help pay the site’s bills.

No Control:
Most often, the site cannot control which ads are displayed. Google Adsense displays ads that are based on the page text. These ads would look like scamming in practice, but they are not.

That is just the nature of business today. At, getting these emails to service its members has its price. This is the reason why they think Next Job At Home scams people.

Patty Bender

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