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Everyday we see new and varied sites popping up on the Internet for all kinds of online businesses. Some of them are persuasive enough to fish out some cash from us, while some are playing by the rules. Such is the case of Next Job At Home scam issue.

On paper, is the new website that declares its help to people to find legitimate work from home. Their business, an email-based membership site, is open to everyone and is free to join.

After signing up for the Next Job At Home newsletter, expect a series of emails coming to you featuring a variety of work at home jobs. There are also some educational resources about how to find the best possible jobs.

Job Offers
The newsletter features all kinds of job leads from all over – Craigslist, popular job search engines, and from private contractors. The jobs offered are as varied as well: from writing to telecommuting and all kinds in-between.

The number of job offers was not a guarantee of snagging one good one. Since the list came from high-profile sources, the competition was high in getting those really desirable jobs. With this, people immediately conclude a Next Job At Home scam is unlikely here.

There was a downside to all the listings. For every two or three listings, there is one work at home scam that they are affiliates for. They earn commissions if a reader signs up or buys. It became so saturated people complained about it.

The newsletter was filled with ads nobody wanted. From their end, they would not know what ad will come out, especially those that use Google Adsense which displays ads based on the page text.

Hopefully, the site and its administrator will learn about them soon enough. Next Job At Home scam will definitely not happen on a particularly good site where one goes to look for a job.

Patty Bender

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