NetJobs4All Review – A Question Of Legitimacy

NetJobs4All review

NetJobs4All review

What is the NetJobs4All review?

NetJobs4All review seemed like the best site set up online. The promise is there are net jobs for all. Most online browsers took it to mean they have a sporting chance of landing one.

However, on reading the first page, there comes a contradiction of terms: the site is designed exclusively for Indians (the people from India). More claims would follow after that.

RS 50,000/Month

The site tells everyone that anyone can earn up to RS 50,000 a month, a rather high figure considering the state of the world’s economy. It continues to say that becoming a member would raise that amount.

More sweeteners would follow – through their referral programs, the site can give as much as 20% of the earnings the referrals would make. What follows is another promise: a check every 20th day of every month would be paid to members.

Job Description

Finally, the job is described. It is simply filling out forms. declares the job is like creating an email account with Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail.

The qualifications are just as easy – just your basic everyday computer skills. Easy as easy does it. After all, what could be harder than clicking icons and things on a computer screen with a mouse?

NetJobs4All review Summary

Simply put, is one site exclusively set up for Indian nationals to earn good money working for a few hours. Lately however, there have been conflicting reports on the current state of the site in the NetJobs4All review.

One more caveat found in the NetJobs4All review: NetJobs4All promises to extend to the rest of the world the opportunity of working with them. Let us wait and see.

Patty Bender

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