MySixFigureLifestyle Scam – An Evaluation

If Charles (Chuck) Marshall would present you, you would need some time to get past his forcefully convincing introduction to the real program itself. With a title such as My Six Figure Lifestyle, you would do some little reflection along the way to buy it. Is MySixFigureLifestyle scam or opportunity?

Of course, such thoughts as “Is MySixFigureLifestyle scam?” do flit in and out of your mind. Even with a slogan that is just as compelling as the style of Mr. Marshall, you still would do your pondering.

The Setup
MySixFigureLifestyle scam or not, is mostly dependent on the BUPRI idea. It means Big Up-front Profits & Residual Income. (This was coined by Marshall himself.) It is one form of “No 1up cash gifting”.

The cash flow comes from the receiving lines that the members generate. It is still taking calls from the prospects that count as the main activity. The risk as far as the subscribers are concerned is that their personal income depends on the team and their chosen mentor.

The mentor here is Chuck Marshall himself. The subscriber would then ask: is this mentor the kind of person who will work with me and show me the ropes in running the business?

The Phone Call
The fear of losing money in My Six Figure Lifestyle would soon evaporate when after listening to a recorded Marshall voice for twenty minutes, he will ask you to call and talk to him. He promises to call back if not available at the time.

Once you talk, Chuck Marshall makes no pretence that it is his very own system that you are about to duplicate once you sign up at My Six Figure Lifestyle. Does your gut scream MySixFigureLifestyle scam or not?

Patty Bender

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