MySixFigureLifestyle Reviews – Reborn With A Difference

It had been quite sometime since Chuck Marshall’s MySixFigureLifestyle had loaded it with up-front profits and residuals. Today, it had morphed and is now known as The Secret Formula Seminar. This new $1,497 version is supposed to be the alternative for 95% people who were lied to, were left dissatisfied and confused by the “biz opps” industry. So what are the MySixFigureLifestyle reviews?

Developed by Rob Stinson, The Secret Formula Seminar already has 150,000 distributors and over $250 million worth of sold products. Stinson, a former machinist, banked on his regular guy personality to share his success story with the new Secret Formula Seminar, formerly known as MySixFigureLifestyle. This is part of the MySixFigureLifestyle reviews.

BOB Prospects:
Another part of MySixFigureLifestyle reviews is Stinson declares his tele-seminar and its accompanying software were designed to attract the BOB (business opportunity buyers) prospects. These prospects are semi-successful managers and owners of their current businesses.

These people and their outlook were totally different from the usual coterie of friends, family members or co-workers who would later drop out of these kinds of programs. The BOBs were simply looking for some more sophisticated streams of multiple incomes.

Five Figure Incomes:
According to MySixFigureLifestyle reviews, Stinson stated that they (his customers) will earn up to five figures in just a few months. The style is not wasting time with things like scheduling, presentations, selling, pitching or closing.

Less than two hours were also spent every day on the business when the owners would be working the systems properly.

New Features, Same Formula
The converted Secret Formula Seminar (formerly known as MySixFigureLifestyle) appears to have worked on the tele-seminar type of system. It is also said to have included different new items and features including pre-qualified leads, systems software, manuals and incentives.

Patty Bender

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