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If you had your chance to meet and talk with Charles Marshall, the big honcho at MySixFigureLifestyle, what exactly would you ask of him? Many people say they would ask him what exactly is offered at his site.

For a site with such a catchy title, you would not expect Charles Marshall to be shy. You might even think for a fleeting second that it could be a scam or some other puffed up get rich quick plan. The site is attractive enough, although the catchy slogan (Magnetic Money Miracle) is also a little short.

The acronym BUPRI stands for Big Upfront Profits & Residual Income, made up by Marshall himself to describe the end result of his marketing savvy. It is, of course, another way of saying the site’s tactic: “No. 1 up cash gifting”.

Simply put, it means “the flow of cash comes from the receiving lines that the member generates.” Consequently, taking calls from the prospects is a member’s main activity at MySixFigureLifestyle.

The “main challenge for a member who would be signing up is the fact that his personal income is dependent on the team and the mentor they have chosen.” The mentor is Charles Marshall.

While it is true that Mr. Marshall himself is upbeat about everything on the site, the nagging question is: Will he work to really show me how to do things profitably? For the record, Mr. Marshall had been candid enough that the advertised $7,000 weekly income is not that simple to make, after all.

Tracking System:
Accordingly, the advice given to newcomers (or new members) is to consider the effectiveness of the third party tracking system. Cash gifting programs are real risky.

MySixFigureLifestyle makes it big even for new members. Keeping that up will take some work, however.

Patty Bender

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