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My name is Patty Bender. In a few short years, I became one of Charlottes most successful real estate agents because my clients learned to trust my team and me.

My real estate career began, oddly enough, when the phone didnt ring. When my husband, Bruce, landed a new job in the NASCAR industry, I sought the help of local real estate magazines in my October 1998 search to relocate to the Lake Norman, NC area. With each one that I was interested in, I called a Realtor about the specifics of a home. But no one returned my calls.

I thought, I can do this business better.

One week after relocating to Charlotte, I started real estate school and took a job with the agency that sold me the home. Since then, Ive sold more than $50 million in real estate, received numerous Real Estate Excellence awards from Charlotte Business Journal, Broker Agent Magazine, along with awards from my firm and helped dozens of clients make their relocation moves a smooth and stress-free transition.

Sweet Beginnings

I was born and raised in the Hershey, PA area and landed a job with many peoples dream company, the Hershey Foods Corporation” the largest confectionary company in North America. I worked there ten years, serving as the first woman to trade commodity futures for the company. My experience and market knowledge from my corporate days allowed me to share and educate my buyers and sellers” from first-time buyers to experienced investor clients.

When I entered real estate, no one knew who I was. I was completely and thoroughly green, just like many who are trying to get into home-based businesses. But I lived by the golden rule in that I truly treated people the way I would want to be treated. And those good experiences turned into more good experiences.

At our peak in 2005-2006, our team had five licensed brokers. We closed on about 65 transactions and my income was a strong six figures. By 2007, our real estate franchise that we had owned since 2001 had grown into two successful Charlotte-area offices.

My Search For The Real Deal

When I cashed out of the real estate business at just the perfect time” before the economy took a downturn” I was exhausted from the long days and demands of the job. It was the perfect time to sit back and take a deep breath. I also was able to do my research on the Internet and its opportunities. I spent a couple of years doing my homework, searching to find something legitimate, something real that was aligned with awesome people. Something that was teachable and doable.

Maybe youre searching too. Many people have lost jobs and are trying to create additional income streams. Its a time consuming process to research all the opportunities. People are confused and theyre frustrated. There are so many opportunities to choose from and sometimes I think people just settle on something and couldnt begin to tell you why.

For every legitimate opportunity, there are a lot of scams out there that you have to sift through. Get in this for zero investment and people waving money around and driving around in sports cars. The truth is 97% of home businesses fail.

Home-based businesses are bigger than ever because of the economy and have exploded in the last year. But its not about the hype or flash, its about teaching people value and giving them the training to succeed. Its important to sift through the opportunities and find something that works.

Teaming With Success

What I learned from my search is success CAN be taught. The important thing is finding the right team with the right experience. My mentor has made a five-figure income monthly for the past two years. Most people come to home-based businesses with more skills than she had. When she started, she barely knew how to check her email. Her mentor taught her step-by-step” how to generate leads and build her business on-line very quickly.

Theres no limit to your earnings potential. Like real estate, it depends on what youre willing to put into it. Some people will only want to make a couple thousand dollars a month, others will have lofty goals and want to replace their entire income” it depends on you.

Any coach will tell you to surround yourself with good people. To find that success youre looking for, I learned you dont have to reinvent the wheel. You simply duplicate a system that works. That is, you find the right team that is vested in your success. We are very team oriented and everyone wants to see you succeed.

My husband, Bruce, likes to be part of winning teams too. He served his country 21 years with the Army National Guard. During a 16-year career in motorsports, he served many roles on racing teams, from tire changer to lead fabricator, for NASCAR drivers such as Bill Elliott, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Michael Waltrip and Kasey Kahne. Now he serves as my website guru and occasionally tinkers on a car when a friend asks him too. Pretty much what he wants to do.

We live with our Brittany, Jake, in the Lake Norman area. We also enjoy spending time at our mountain home in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, as well as, traveling to the Caribbean and other parts of the world several times a year.

Its one of the benefits of being part of the right team.

How To Start Internet Business Today

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