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From Chuck Marshall himself, the site’s creator and founder, the success of My Six Figure Lifestyle depends on the big idea he coined himself – BUPRI. The acronym simply stands for the audacious Big Upfront Profits & Residual Income. The cash flow comes from the receiving lines that each member generates.

The main activity of the site is simply taking calls from the prospects. On the other hand, the subscriber who signs up to one of these schemes is being confronted with one factor: their income is dependent on the team and the mentor they have chosen.

In this context, the mentor is Chuck Marshall himself. Subscribers have one poser: Will this mentor work with me plus show me his trade secrets?

Does My Six Figure Lifestyle Deliver?
People who had been online for sometime had come across with My Six Figure Lifestyle one time or another. The feedback had been positive – it is a good program.

The only thing that deters people from storming their way in to buy the program is the utter lack of information on their site. People are apprehensive to buy because they are not sure what they spend their money for.

Some Testimonials
There had also been reviews, mostly positive, about the site and the way it generates income for anyone who buys into the program. The testimonials however disputed the $3500 plus income per day.

However, they do agree that you can make money right away even if it is only $150 per day. For a member, the truth about My Six Figure Lifestyle will probably kick in after some time with the company. Of course, you have to become a member first.

Patty Bender

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