My Early Days As A Tumor…huh?

I originally shared this story with my list during my birth month, which is June. You will enjoy this short, funny read about my pre-birth…I assure you this is all true.


My Mom and Dad were 42 and 50 years old, respectively at the time. My Mom is now 88 and my Father passed away in 2003…God rest his soul.  I know you’re doing the math, so let me just share I’m 46 years old. Now wouldn’t you agree that in those days, my Mom was maybe a little ahead of her time being pregnant at 42 years of age! Happens all the time in today’s environment where women are waiting later to start their families.

Only my Mom didn’t know she was pregnant…she was told she had a cancerous tumor. I share this story in a light-hearted manner, but can only imagine my parents concern over this situation at the time.

They had three children boy, girl, boy, in that order and then…nearly 18 years later came the news of a tumor.

So, what does all this have to do with the internet and online marketing? It really doesn’t, so just enjoy the story.

Anyway, back to the story…

Yes, this was certainly before ultrasounds, otherwise, my story wouldn’t be so interesting. A clear mis-diagnosis.

During the surgery to remove this tumor came the rude awakening for this doctor that in reality the tumor was a fetus…this is not a joke. This is the truth on my entry into this world.

No tumor was removed and fetus remained intact.

Due to the disruption of my development, in layman’s terms, it created complications for my Mom later in the pregnancy and I was delivered caesarean section. Because God had a hand in all of this, my Mom and I thankfully, were ok and healthy! What a blessing!

Fast forward to present…

On a recent trip to visit Mom, I was accompanying her to a physical therapy appointment. Her young therapists whom I had not met since I live out of state, asked, “Mary, who did you bring with you today?” My Mom replies, “I had three children and a tumor and this is my tumor”! So we all got a laugh out of her humor that day. Lots of spunk for an 88 year old woman.

Thank you for reading my story!

Patty Bender

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