MindFieldOnline.Com Pays Its Respondents

The Internet, like anywhere else, is also fraught with con operations that prey on the unsuspecting web surfer. Some are petty enough to want and collect only your email. The others are big time fraudulent groups that can be frightening. Contrary to some  opinions, MindFieldOnline.com, a survey company, is not one of these.

Run by McMillion Research LLC, MindfieldOnline.com is a dedicated market research company who conducts surveys for use by their clients. Their business model is to invite members to their site and conduct their surveys on their captive membership.

The sweetener for this business transaction is to pay the members some form of petty cash incentives to agree to the regular surveys conducted by the company. The other come-ons include rewards and prizes for some fun twists of their many surveys. These sometimes include contests, again with juicy prizes at stake.

How To Join
Unlike other survey companies that ask for upfront cash upon enrolling, Mindfield Online actually sends out invitations to complete a survey upon joining them. You will have to fill out a form, though, with specifics on your interests, hobbies, and profession.

These interests are kept in these survey companies for their use in instances where specific target markets are demanded by their clients.

Payments and Others
The biggest downside to this arrangement between you and MindFieldOnline.com – and they are the biggest lures why people want to become members with them is plain money.

Surveys at this time are not a very effective gauge. Furthermore, the money they give out to their captive respondents is way too low to be able to be enjoyed. One thing is clear, though, MindFieldOnline.com is legitimate.

Patty Bender

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