Michael Force Scam – From The Point Of View Of His Adversaries

Michael Force is well-known as one of the most highly sought-after business coaches in the fiercely-competitive area of multi-level marketing (MLM). Judging from his online business, Michael Force had been earning some seven-figure income for quite some time now, and a Michael Force scam sounds remote.

With several of his websites ranked within the top 150,000 (being in the top 200,000 is a no mean achievement) from all over the world, Michael Force is still bent on continuing to sponsor 20 to 50 people every month into his business and be successful. His current goal is actually helping 100 individuals to become millionaires from their own businesses.

Carbon Copy Pro / Wealth Masters International
Two of Mr. Force’ websites are the inter-related Carbon Copy Pro and Wealth Masers International. Carbon Copy Pro is a “sales funnel system” for Wealth Masters. For newcomers in Internet marketing, getting involved in both of these sites would certainly advance your training and know-how in excellent marketing systems.

Mr. Force is known to aggressively promote his internet companies using proven direct response marketing strategies. He had been known to follow a four-step formula known by top online entrepreneurs.

First, he puts up a simple but personally branded webpage that drives visitors to lay their contact information in a form in the front of his site. Next, he aggressively engages himself in driving traffic to his sites. Can a Michael Force scam work here?

Like any other marketing geniuses, he strives to build strong relationships with his prospects. He regularly sends them videos, audios, and other relevant marketing information to help them succeed in their own online businesses.

Finally, Michael Force profits from his list by offering them his high-end courses and affiliate programs. Included in these offers are his highly successful Carbon Copy Pro and Wealth Masters International. Again, a Michael Force scam is out of the picture.

Patty Bender

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