Making Big Global Resorts Network Commissions and Traveling at Greatly Reduced Prices

Global Resorts Network Commissions

Lately I had been searching for a viable second income to help offset my finances. I truly enjoy traveling with my spouse and wanted to make additional money so that we could see the world. We had long been associated with traveling discount clubs so that we could get the most enjoyment of our traveling on the least amount of money.

One day I stumbled across a company that offered the opportunity for me to start a home-based business making great profits while at the same time receiving deep discounts on our travel. When I discovered that Global Resorts Network commissions were so phenomenally high I realized my financial worries were over.

By becoming an affiliate representative for the Global Resorts Network, I started making money by selling their deep discount membership packages to my friends and family who also enjoy traveling. I created a simple website (which was easy to do) to promote my new business. I instantly started selling memberships to the business leads they came in through my site, in the form of their online application or the e-mails we exchanged back and forth.

The money I make through Global Resorts Network commissions is based on a two-tier payment system. Whenever I sell a platinum membership (their lifetime membership) through GRN, I receive a commission of $1000. Whenever I sell a gold membership, their three year membership program, I make a commission of $500.

I also make an additional level of commissions on the second tier of their payment schedule. Which means every time a member I signed up to become an affiliate representative for Global Resorts Network makes a sale and signs an additional member up into the membership program, I make an additional commission. The amount of money I can make with Global Resorts Network is limited only on how hard I wish to work.

This really isn’t a lot of work for me, as I really just want to use it as a second source of income, and something that I can do in the luxury of my home office. Traveling now has become nearly free for me because of the amount of money I make selling these deep discount vacation package memberships. My spouse and I enjoy staying in high-end luxury five-star resorts throughout the world, which would’ve never been possible without becoming a rep and making Global Resorts Network commissions.

Global Resorts Network Commissions

Patty Bender

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