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A few years ago, an Internet marketing guru predicted that effect of video will be huge on the Internet. Now we accept that he is right. Just have a rough look at You Tube. Right now it’s one of the fastest growing and most popular website on the Internet. So let us consider how can you benefit from this phenomenal growth? Here goes a step by step guide.

1: Sign up for a Google Ad Words account.
2: Create a video commercial.
3: Compose an ad.
4: Choose a video from YouTube.
5: Review and save your ad.

Let us have a details sketch.

Consider the 1st process: Google AdWords account sign up.
You will need to have a Google AdWords account to start promoting your video for your business. You are also in need to have a valid credit card to activate your account. Once the registration fee is paid, your account will be activated immediately.

Consider the 2nd process: Create a video commercial.

You should create a commercial video. This will be the video that you will promote. The video is to be ready in AVI format. The video should look like a commercial as we watch on TV. Your advertising message is clearly communicated through the video.
Do not create a complicated video and get it simplified as possible. A simple video entertaining will get the job done. Upload the video to your YouTube account and proceed to next step.

Consider the 3rd process: Compose an ad.

Within your Ad Words account, you could compose an ad. This is a text ad that others could see. The ad will be appearing on You Tube videos. When viewers click on this ad, your video will be displayed immediately on You Tube. You don’t have to pay a single cent for displaying this ad. You only have to pay when someone clicks on the ad and views your video. So you are paying for video views only.

Consider the 4th process: Choose a video from YouTube.

Using the media picker from the Ad Words account, choose the video that you like to promote. This will be the video that you have uploaded to your YouTube account. Now you are specifying the video that the ad should be pointed to.

Considering 5th: Review and save your ad.

Review your ad to make sure that everything is in order. Save the ad and you are done and expect a neat business!

So let’s think how can you make money using this advertising service? Understand that video advertising is very powerful than any other. Just take a look at some of the ads coming on TV. When done right, we see that they have a powerful effect on the audience. Viewers are able to hear what you have to say about the particular product, and they can see visual demonstrations about what you are trying to tell about that to be sold. Then viewers are able to grasp ideas that are difficult to explain using other forms of advertising.

You can use video advertising to drive traffic to your physical stores, or you can drive traffic directly into your website. If you are a fan of direct marketing, you can create several commercial videos. Later we could test the effectiveness of each video. There are millions and millions of viewers on YouTube. So the opportunities are there above our thought. So it’s up to you take advantage of these available opportunities.

Work At Home On Internet Making Money Ideas

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