KeyForCash Scam Is A Misnomer

KeyForCash Scam Is It Legit?

KeyForCash is a legitimate home data entry program established in 2001, where members get positions doing typing services at home. Essentially, members simply type data and they get paid for the work. Membership is limited and their evaluation test is rigid. KeyForCash Scam is not likely here.

With such high standards on work quality from a company, would that qualify it as a scam?

Not a Scam
First, signing up at does not even cost a single penny. You simply write down your basic personal information – name, address and email.

Unlike other companies, KeyForCash scam never advertise their services. The most favorable advertising they have, and doing the company very good, is the good old word-of-mouth. Advertising costs big time, and companies must recoup that invested amount to stay profitable.

After the evaluation, the only additional requirements for working at KeyForCash are a computer with Internet connection, installed Javascript, and any of the recommended browsers (Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3, Google Chrome or Safari 3.1)

Some Downsides
Unfortunately, the offered work is only available to U.S. citizens, which is not good for non-U.S. people. The site’s popularity is helping to produce another problem. The possibility of a KeyForCash scam is remote, however.

The number of people wanting to work in Key For Cash had grown so much that the waiting list for prospective employees can run from three months to several years. Related to this is the fact that the high demand for work drove labor prices way down.

The Upside
Aside from spending nothing, there is no long-term commitment, either. People can work anytime they want.

The amount of money that can be made on KeyForCash depends on the quality of your work and the availability of the work itself. The dreaded KeyForCash scam doesn’t appear likely here.

Patty Bender

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  1. Jaqui says:

    Key For Cash is not a scam. However, their pay rates, lack of customer service, and payment system does not put them on my list of ideal work-at-home jobs.

    I had a bad experience with them:

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