Judging ProjectPayday.com Scam Or Legit?

With numerous internet or online opportunities and money-making ideas littering the internet, sometimes the biggest fear is becoming victims of internet scams.  When doing a simple Google search for home-based money making opportunities, you would often have hundreds and thousands of companies, one of them is ProjectPayday.com.  Is ProjectPayday.com scam or a legit website and organization?

The program called Project Payday is not the only website that is scrutinized and survived.  ProjectPayday.com does not actually pay members, what they do is connect a member to other people, websites and organizations that are willing to pay for their services.

Does this make ProjectPayday.com scam? Of course, not.  The website connects a member to reliable companies. Although, members are still advised to practice caution when doing business with other online companies.  ProjectPayday illustrates the methods and strategies that would be able to help a member take advantage of the numerous money-making offers.

How is it possible then to earn a profit with ProjectPayday.com?  When ProjectPayday connects you to a forum that buys and sells referrals, you would be able to meet a lot of people who are selling free gifts or cash offers. For example, there are people who would offer let’s say, $50 for signing up for a credit card and getting five other people to do the same.

What you could do is look for five other people who could signup for the credit card, perhaps give them a $5 incentive for doing so, using your referral ID.  By doing such, you would be spending $25 paying the five people who signed up as your referral, but you would be getting $50 for actually having them signed-up. That means you would be getting a $25 profit from just those referrals.

However, this program may not be suitable for everybody and may require a lot of your time.  Promotions may take a while, and results do not come easy. Still, this does not make ProjectPayday.com scam, rather just like any other business, it would require patience and dedication.

Patty Bender

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  1. Aron Frydberg says:

    Gave Scout my hard earned money, he took it and run, never did one think he promised.

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