Is There Such a Thing as Cash Unclaimed Scam

The premise of the website is simple: there are cash, property and even assets being held by the government or a variety of financial institutions that is yours. You have money owed to you and because of reasons like you moved residences and cannot be tracked down, the money remains in their custody. By simply signing up and paying a minimal fee, CashUnclaimed will help you get that money. But the question is, is this a Cash Unclaimed scam?

CashUnclaimed will search databases to find out if you have any forgotten savings or checking accounts, if you left some checks un-cashed or even left dividends and insurance refunds unclaimed. The web service also helps individuals identity if they have any old royalties to claim as well as refunds from various purchases. The site also attested helping people find unclaimed  bail bonds, child support payments, unclaimed lawsuit settlements, tax refunds, and even track down inheritances.

These kinds of web services go through publicly accessible archives and databases, mostly those that are online. People who move a lot and have changed addresses several times in recent years are among the target market of CashUnclaimed since these people are the ones who most likely left some cash unclaimed.

Do your own research and look at CashUnclaimed standing in online communities and you will see that cash unclaimed scam is not happening. You might find a variety of opinion and feedback. But that’s part of your assignment, do your due diligence in joining any opportunity. Always consider everything as an investment plan. If you invest in CashUnclaimed services you expect good results. There is no such thing as Cash Unclaimed Scam.

Patty Bender

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