How To Make Your Website Make Money

Income Opportunity Home Based Business

You need to analyze the reasons why your website is not making sales online. There are many rationales why people create websites. Most people who create websites want to make money. If your site is not generating income for you, this article might just help.

Today, I am proud to say that all my websites generate income for me consistently. However, there was a time where all my websites were not making any sales. Thus, I understand how it feels to own websites that are not efficient. All you need is some improvements and you’re good to go.

The important thing that determines the success of your website is ‘conversion’. It means getting your visitors to take a specific desired action. Even with thousands of visitors, you will still not make money if you fail to convert those visitors to customers.

You need to give them a compelling reason to take desired action. You can also create surveys to ask people what they think about your website in case there are some things that you might have overlooked. You need to know what your audiences are thinking. You also must be willing to apply the feedback that you receive.

For example, if your site receives 100 visitors per day and let’s say you earn $10 per sale. If your conversion rate were 0.5%, you would make $5 per 100 visitors and that means $1825 per year. But if you improved your site and manage to get the conversion rate to 1%, that can double your income.

If you can change your conversion rate to 2%, your income will be $7,350 per year. That is a huge improvement from the original $1825 per year. Now you see the importance of conversion rates, all you need to do is to improve your websites.

Income Opportunity Home Based Business

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