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Is a scam? The company is legitimate and it offers you a type of business opportunity where you can earn without having to leave your current job. You may find all the information that you need in order to start the business through the website,, but the business itself is done offline.

What does this mean? The materials that you will need to start the business that will become your sideline can be obtained from It offers interchangeable product canisters, similar to vending machines, which you can use to sell certain items that you can leave at the right places.

The containers that come from are stable and made from high impact synthetic material. These have locks that are tamper resistant, so you don’t have to worry that your products and your earning might get lost while you are not looking. The lid of the canisters fits tightly and there are internal lips on its lid traps.

The canisters are perfect for candies, nuts, cashews and a lot more. gives you 10-year warranty period on parts and service. You will also be given a 10-year theft and vandalism maintenance agreement. believes that the vending business that it offers you is quite lucrative and rewarding. You will be given ideal customer support service and superb commitment from its management and staff.

There are lots of room for success and growth in this kind of business opportunity. You can use the handy calculator from the site to gather ideas about how much you will earn from each machine after the contents have been emptied. This way, you can designate the required budget for the number of machines that will give you higher earnings.

Patty Bender

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