Global Resorts Network Vacation Club – A Dream Membership

Global Resorts Network Vacation Club

The Global Resorts Network Vacation Club has been around for over 21 years and has sold memberships for deep discounted vacation travel to luxury hotels and resorts around the world. When they first started in business they sold memberships from between $8-$10,000, a pretty steep price except for those that are committed to vacationing a lot. However, a few years ago the company founder decided to start selling mentorships online at a greatly reduced price, allowing its members to make their money back from buying their own memberships.

The Global Resorts Network Vacation Club sells just two products. They sell a Gold Membership (which is a limited three year membership) and a Platinum Membership (which is a lifetime membership). With these two products you can buy the same deep discounted vacation travel opportunities book through Global Resorts Network. Because of the relationship that GRN has with high-end resorts and hotels they are able to purchase bulk rooms to sell to their members.

The membership price for the gold member is $1495 and last three years, while the membership price for the platinum member is around $3000, but is a lifetime membership. Being either a gold or a platinum member allows you the opportunity to purchase accommodations and all of the top vacation spots around the world for as little as $295-$700 per week. This price is per week not for each individual person, giving you a huge discount on the cost of your room.

How the owners of the Global Resort Network Vacation Club were able to substantially reduce the price of their membership was by offering an affiliate program to its members. Realizing that the people that were most excited about their company where the members themselves, the owners realized that offering to make each member and affiliate representative of the company was one way to increase their memberships. Offering each member a substantial commission for every member they brought into the group has proven to be an effective marketing tool.

Becoming a member of the Global Resorts Network Vacation Club instantly makes you an affiliate rep. For each platinum membership you sell to a family member, colleague, friend or business leads provide you with a $1000 commission. For each gold membership you sell, you receive a $500 commission. For each membership sold by someone you brought into the group you also will receive a commission, making this an unlimited business potential for you.

Global Resorts Network Vacation Club

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