Global Resorts Network Reviews

Global Resorts Network reviews is intended to assist people in discovering the truth behind this Phoenix, Arizona, based company. Global Resorts was established in 1986 by the founder Al Morales. This company was built solely around the product and was not offered as an online business opportunity until 2006. In fact, the business model was born out of the idea that Al, a successful timeshare sales person himself, was seeking an affordable vacation alternative to offer people.

The company started by opening sales offices around the country to market and sell this new product, where you have access to an exclusive resorts registry of over 5,000 resorts which include timeshare resorts around the world. Today this retail product sells for $5,000-$10,000 in sales offices around the country.

What makes Global Resorts Network unique is that most MLM companies have a retail markup of 12% whereas, GRN sells for well below retail online. The online price for this one-time fee, lifetime membership is only $2,995.

What sets GRN apart from other travel club memberships is the exclusive online marketing rights they have to market this resort registry. No other travel club membership can offer what Global Resorts can offer and at a fraction of the cost. With this membership, you can travel 52 weeks a year if you like instead of the one week a year option with timeshare ownership. There are no maintenance or annual fees with this membership that timeshare owners are normally required to pay. The vacation costs per destination range from $299 to $799 for an 8-day and 7-night stay at any of the resorts in the registry.

With the timeshare sales industry topping over $6 billion last year alone, the cost of the Global Resorts Network membership is usually recouped in about two vacations with the savings alone compared to other popular means of booking vacation travel.

For existing timeshare owners, GRN has a member to member feature where you can market your timeshare to other members.

In summary, you can see with the Global Resorts Network Reviews above, that the membership not only offers an in-demand product, but value-based as well. Buying a timeshare is becoming obsolete with the benefits of enjoying luxury resort travel without the high ticket price tag.

Patty Bender

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